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Evelyn Overton
Success Story 

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Evelyn Overton didn't have much, living in Detroit raising her children as a stay at home mom. One day she saw a dessert recipe in the newspaper and decided to make it for her family. She then decided to make one for her husband to take to work. Her husband's boss liked it so much he ordered 12. The recipe that Evelyn Overton found was for Cheese Cake and the Business she launched making cheesecakes from a homemade basement kitchen in her house in Detroit is called the Cheesecake Factory. 

Evelyn Overton is the founder of the Cheesecake Factory. She continued to make cheesecakes from her basement in Detroit while her husband delivered the cakes and took orders. They had so many orders for their cheesecakes that her husband had to design delivery routes. Their son David was their first employee. They paid him 10 cents per box for every box he folded. Evelyn and her husband decided to move to LA California, being convinced by their son that business would be better there. He was correct. As a result of Evelyn Overton pursuing her dream, currently the Cheesecake Factory produces over 1.8 Billion dollars in revenue. That's 69 Million dollars every two weeks. Also through her pursuing and growing her vision , the Cheesecake Factory currently employees over 35,000 people. 


You Are A Success Story

In JESUS Name!

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