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Cathy Hughes
Success Story 

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Cathy Hughes is the owner and founder of the largest African American owned and operated broadcast company in the U.S. She became the first African American woman to head a publicly traded company. Her company, Radio One, currently has revenues of over $440 million. 

Like most successful business owners, Cathy had a rough start. She grew up in the projects in Omaha, Nebraska. They were a family of six living in a small unit with only one bathroom. 

Her family and friends were devastated when Cathy became pregnant at the age sixteen. Her friends told her the her life was over. Her mother kicked her out of the house. 

Cathy worked very hard until she was able to get a job at the Howard University radio station. Later, Cathy got married. In 1979, she and her husband saved up enough money to buy a small radio station. They separated after a year and their business collapsed. Cathy lost everything; however, she refused to give up her company. Cathy and her son slept on the floor of the radio station and she continued to work hard until she saw success. 


Cathy said the reason she became an entrepreneur was because of her child. One day, her son had a fever. Her boss said "If you walk out that door, don't come back." Cathy said, "That's when I decided I needed to be in control of my professional environment so that I could be there for my son."


She was once asked, "Did you ever consider giving up while  you were sleeping on the floor at your radio station?" Her response was, "Never, never, never, I was determined that my son and I would build a successful business. I'd tell lenders, "Do you think I'm going to let this fail when I'm sleeping in a sleeping bag and washing up in a public bathroom? I'm giving it my all." Cathy Hughes accepted her Mission Impossible and is now a history making billionaire business owner. Cathy donates millions of dollars to charities and helps the disadvantaged all over the world. 


                                                                                                                                                  Art Cartwright

I Am a Success Story!

In Jesus Name!


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