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📝From the desk of LaKeisha LaGrande (MADAM F$NANCE):

About LaKeisha LaGrande aka MADAM F$NANCE

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Natural Living by Design II Founder and CEO 🎓 Insurance Professional 👩🏽‍💼Online Marketer 📈

Sales Professional 🤑  Motivational Speaker🎤  Leader 👑 Personal Branding Specialist 🥇

Business Mentor 👩🏽‍💼 Investor 💸 Philanthropist 🤲


LaKeisha LaGrande with Billionaire Mogul Michael V. Roberts, J.D. 

Who is LaKeisha?

LaKeisha LaGrande's entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age, when she began selling beepers and pagers door-to-door to businesses at the age of 16. Despite facing both the highs and lows of life, she persevered and used her financial expertise to help others. LaKeisha graduated from college with three degrees and went on to own and run a successful soul food restaurant at the age of 26. However, her personal life took a turn when she went through a divorce, leaving her to rebuild her life and financial stability with two children.

But LaKeisha didn't let her setbacks define her. She bounced back and became financially independent, even purchasing a home and paying it off within seven years. Her wealth of financial knowledge and experience led her to provide thoughtful solutions and resources to over a thousand people and small business owners, addressing their financial concerns in areas such as legal, life, health, property, casualty, and Medicare.

LaKeisha's passion for entrepreneurship continued to burn brightly as she pursued her dreams of running a successful business. She earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Computer Information Systems from Central State University and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Lawrence Technological University. On her journey to financial freedom, she obtained several licenses and worked for JP Morgan Chase, where she received top-notch financial training and earned her Series 6 and 63 licenses. LaKeisha enjoys working with the senior community, where she helps people navigate the complexities of business, insurance, and the financial industry.

In 2019, LaKeisha launched Natural Living by Design II, a certified minority supplier company of health and wellness products, including liquid herbal extract supplements, powders, syrups, and a multi-functional natural crystal deodorant mist. Her business partners and she worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, and their business survived, unlike many others. LaKeisha and her team successfully got their #1 selling multi-functional natural crystal deodorant mist into 20 local stores, mostly throughout the state of Michigan. LaKeisha  tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit continue to inspire others, making her a true leader in the world of business and finance.

Flagship Product

📖 My Story: The Journey Thus Far

A Glimpse of the Beginning 

Before I was 25 years old:

  • I grew up with one parent and two younger brothers.

  • I was a debutante.  (making a formal entrance into society) 

  • I attended Central State University and graduated with two Bachelor of Science Degrees, Computer Information Systems and Finance

  • In College I was in Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) training to become a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army. 

  • I attended Lawrence Technological University and graduated with a Master Degree in Business Administration. 


My Lack Of Career Focus


A few of my Career Directions without listing all my 12 jobs, I'll list off a few industries I worked in. 

  • I owned a Restaurant

  • I worked in Banking (Obtained Series 6 and 63 Financial Licenses)

  • I worked in Customer Service

  • I worked in Technical Support

  • I worked in Sales

  • I worked in Retail several times 

  • I worked in Insurance (Life, Health, Property, Casualty License) 

  • I worked in MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

My Lack Of Education Focus

Here's a summary of my Formal Education (College University) during a period of over 10 years.

  • First, I studied Accounting to become a accountant.... What happened? I changed my major.

  • Next, I studied Computer Information System (CIS) to become a computer technician... What happened?  Graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree but felt like I needed a back up plan.

  • Then, I studied Finance to become a  Financial Analyst... What happened? Graduated with another Bachelor of Science Degree in finance. 

  • Next, while in college I enrolled in the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) training to become a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army...What happened? It was no gaurantee I would end up in finance, so I cancelled my enlistment. Request was honored. 

  • Next, I studied Business in Graduate School to become a business owner... What happened? Graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Business Administration. 

  • Finally, I went to Real Estate School to become a Realtor... What happened? Never took the Exam based on the advice of  2 successful realestate investors.  


My First Defining Moment


         The Shocking Reality of Having Too Much Education Can Hurt Your Job Prospects

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had just been laid off from my job at EDS, where I had been working for three years. I had invested so much time and money into my education, obtaining two Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Information Systems and Finance, as well as a Master's degree in Business Administration. I thought having all these qualifications would open up numerous job opportunities for me, but little did I know that it would turn out to be my biggest obstacle.

I had a great resume, and I was confident in my interviewing skills. I had read many books on acing an interview and answering popular interview questions. I always went the extra mile by providing a cover letter, thank you letter or email after an interview, and following up with recruiters. But despite all this effort, I wasn't getting the job offers I needed.

It wasn't until my first defying moment that I realized the harsh reality of being over qualified. The first time I was told that I was over qualified for a position, I was in shock. I couldn't believe that my qualifications could hinder my chances of getting a job. But as I went on more interviews, I was told the same thing repeatedly.

Bills were piling up, and I was behind on everything, including rent and utilities. This was a scary time for me because I had always been able to take care of myself and pay my bills on time. I had no one to turn to for financial help, and I was praying that I wouldn't get evicted or have my car repossessed.

I decided to hire a corporate or executive recruitment agency to help me find employment. The recruiter praised my resume, but he advised me to remove my Master's degree off my resume if I wanted to get hired soon. I was furious. How could he suggest such a thing after all the hard work, sacrifices, money spent, and tears I had put into obtaining my education? I fired him and went to another headhunter for help.

To my dismay, the second recruiter gave me the same advice. At this point, my car note and rent were over three months behind, I was hiding my car so it would not get repossed I needed employment desperately. So, I decided to take their advice and remove my Master's degree from my resume.

To my surprise, I started receiving a ton of interview opportunities within a week of making the change. And before I knew it, I had a job offer. It was a tough pill to swallow, knowing that I had to hide my qualifications to get a job. But at that moment, I needed to do whatever it took to keep a roof over my head and pay my bills.

That moment was my first defying moment because I had to go against my beliefs and values to survive. I had always believed that hard work and education would pay off, but it was a hard lesson to learn that sometimes it's not enough. But I didn't give up on my dreams, and I continue to work hard to achieve my goals.

Looking back, I always had thoughts of getting my PhD., but the thought of not being able to put my Master's degree on my resume made me question the value of pursuing higher education. However, I didn't let that stop me from pursuing my dreams, and I continue to strive for success, no matter the obstacles I face.

In the end, my first defining moment taught me a lesson I'll never forget: resilience isn't about avoiding obstacles, but about facing them head-on, even if it means making difficult decisions. I learned that sometimes, the path to success isn't straightforward and may require us to deviate from our original plans.

Through the hardships of being told I was overqualified, struggling to make ends meet, and compromising my values, I discovered an inner strength I never knew I had. While it was painful to realize that my hard-earned qualifications could work against me, it also opened my eyes to the reality of the job market and the importance of adaptability.

Though I faced doubts about pursuing further education, I refused to let fear dictate my dreams. Instead, I chose to see each setback as an opportunity for growth. And while the journey may be fraught with challenges, I've come to understand that true success lies not in the absence of obstacles, but in the resilience to overcome them.

So, to anyone facing similar struggles, I offer this advice: never let setbacks define you. Embrace the challenges, learn from them, and let them fuel your determination to succeed. For it's not the circumstances we encounter that shape our destiny, but our response to them. And as I continue to pursue my dreams, I carry with me the invaluable lesson learned from my first defining moment: that with perseverance and resilience, anything is possible.

My Second Defining Moment

                                                                      Marriage & Infidelity

In the early days of my marriage, love wrapped us in its warm embrace, cocooning us in a world of bliss and possibility. My husband was my rock, a pillar of strength and support, and together we embarked on the journey of parenthood with hearts brimming with anticipation and joy.

However, as life unfolded its twists and turns, our fairytale took a devastating turn. The revelation of infidelity shattered the illusion of perfection, leaving me reeling in disbelief and heartache. The man I had trusted with my heart, the one who had vowed to cherish and honor me, had betrayed our sacred bond.

The pain cut deep, slicing through the fabric of our once-idyllic life, leaving behind a gaping wound that seemed impossible to heal. I grappled with the anguish of broken trust, struggling to make sense of the shattered pieces of my shattered dreams.

As I lay in the hospital, cradling our newborn child in my arms, I was haunted by the stark reality of betrayal. While the world celebrated the miracle of new life, my heart bled with the agony of betrayal. The weight of betrayal hung heavy in the air, casting a shadow over what should have been a moment of pure joy.

My world crumbled when I discovered the painful truth: my husband, the man I believed was my soulmate, had been unfaithful with one of our employees, the cashier. The very thought pierced my heart like a dagger, shattering the trust I had placed in him.

As someone who had always strived to live a virtuous life, the betrayal hit me like a freight train. How could the person I trusted most, who embodied positivity and righteousness, commit such a betrayal? I had been a devoted wife, supporting his dreams and trusting him implicitly. Yet, despite my unwavering love and loyalty, he had chosen to betray me in the most devastating way possible.

After the birth of our second child, amidst the joy of new life, a dark cloud loomed over me when my husband left my side hours after the baby was born. My husband's absence during a crucial moment left me with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. As the night wore on and his whereabouts remained unknown, intuition gnawed at me like a persistent ache. I knew, deep down, where he was – with the woman who had shattered our once-perfect life.

In a haze of disbelief and anguish, I made a fateful decision. Leaving my newborn behind, I sought out the truth, guided by a desperate need to confront the betrayal head-on. As the cab pulled up to her house in the early hours of the morning, my heart pounded with a mixture of fear and anguish. The sight of our car parked outside confirmed what I already knew in my heart - my worst nightmare had become a reality.

The pain of that moment was indescribable. To realize that my husband could betray our vows on the very day I brought his child into the world was a torment beyond words. I felt a whirlwind of emotions – betrayal, embarrassment, and overwhelming shame.


In the wake of betrayal and heartache, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that would forever alter the course of my life. As I delved into the depths of my soul, seeking solace and understanding, I unearthed a reservoir of strength and resilience I never knew existed.

In the aftermath of the devastating revelation, I found solace in my faith. Turning to God for strength, I immersed myself in scripture and prayer, seeking guidance and healing. Through the power of forgiveness, I began to release the burden of resentment, allowing time to mend the wounds inflicted by betrayal.

Through the pain and turmoil of betrayal, I discovered the power of forgiveness and the healing balm of time. With each passing day, I learned to release the burden of resentment and embrace the freedom that comes with letting go. And as I immersed myself in the teachings of faith and spirituality, I found a source of comfort and guidance that transcended earthly struggles.

Gradually, as the wounds of the past began to heal, I found myself drawn to new horizons of possibility. Armed with a newfound sense of purpose and determination, I embarked on a journey of self-improvement and growth. I pursued higher education with a fervor born of conviction, determined to rebuild my life on my own terms

As Iwalked across he stage accepting my master's degree in Business Administration, I realized that the greatest gift of all was the knowledge that I had the strength to overcome any obstacle life placed in my path. Through the trials of betrayal and heartbreak, I had emerged not as a victim, but as a survivor—resilient, empowered, and unbreakable.

My second defining moment taught me that true strength lies not in the absence of adversity, but in the courage to confront it head-on. It taught me that healing is a journey, not a destination, and that every setback is an opportunity for growth. And above all, it taught me that the power to shape my destiny lies within me, waiting to be unleashed upon the world.

The many lessons learned from that tumultuous chapter in my life are etched into my soul. Time heals ALL wounds, but it's the strength found within ourselves and our faith that truly empowers us to overcome even the darkest of days. And through it all, I've come to understand that while betrayal may shake us to our core, it's our response to adversity that defines our strength and resilience.

As I continue to journey through life, I carry with me the lessons learned from my darkest days—the lessons of forgiveness, resilience, and self-discovery. And though the road ahead may be fraught with challenges, I walk it with confidence, knowing that I am stronger, wiser, and more capable than I ever thought possible. For in the crucible of adversity, I discovered the true measure of my strength—and emerged victorious.

Lastly, my second defining moment taught me another valuable lesson—that the things we fear most have the power to manifest in our lives. When you constantly meditate on something you fear happening in your life, you inadvertently give it power and energy. Your thoughts and emotions are powerful forces.


However, in the face of adversity, we have the choice to rise above our fears, to embrace the healing power of time and forgiveness. And so, armed with newfound wisdom and strength, I embark on the next chapter of my journey with courage and grace, knowing that no matter what challenges lie ahead, I am capable of overcoming them. For in the crucible of adversity, I have discovered the true essence of my being—a beacon of light, shining brightly amidst the darkness of despair.

















My Third Defining Moment


After the tumultuous storm of my divorce, I found myself standing at a crossroads, faced with the daunting task of starting anew as a single woman and the sole provider for my two precious boys. The transition from a two-household income to a single one was fraught with challenges, but amidst the chaos, I made a solemn vow to myself: to be the best mother I could possibly be and to forge a path of empowerment and self-discovery.

As I navigated the complexities of single parenthood, ensuring that my boys remained active and engaged in activities that nourished their spirits and fueled their passions became my top priority. From football to baseball practice, I made it my mission to instill in them the values of perseverance, determination, and resilience—qualities that would serve them well on their journey to becoming the kings I knew they were destined to be.

Yet, amidst the whirlwind of motherhood and newfound responsibilities, I realized that in order to be the guiding light my children needed, I first had to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. It was during this pivotal moment in my life that I made the decision to invest in my own personal development and spiritual growth.

I sought out the guidance of a transformational coach—a beacon of wisdom and enlightenment who challenged me to delve deep into the recesses of my soul, confronting the shadows that lurked within and embracing the light that shimmered brightly within me. Through their gentle guidance and unwavering support, I embarked on a journey of self-love, spiritual awakening, and conscious creation.

Immersing myself in the teachings of the bible, metaphysical science, the law of attraction, and the universal laws etc., I was equipped with a treasure trove of tools and techniques that empowered me to become the master of my own destiny—a manifestor and creator of my life in every sense of the word.

But my journey did not end there. Fueled by the transformative power of self-discovery, I felt a calling deep within my soul—a calling to share the wisdom and knowledge I had acquired with others who were yearning to break free from the shackles of self-limiting beliefs and step into their full potential.

Guided by a newfound sense of purpose and passion, I embarked on a mission to uplift and empower others, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who were navigating their own paths of self-discovery and personal growth. Through coaching, mentorship, and unwavering support, I helped countless souls unlock their inner potential, unleash their true power, and embrace the infinite possibilities that lay before them.

Today, as I stand tall and proud, surrounded by a community of empowered individuals who have been touched by the transformative power of self-discovery, I am reminded of the profound impact that one person can have on the world. For true greatness lies not in the accolades we receive or the wealth we amass, but in the lives we touch, the hearts we uplift, and the souls we inspire to soar to new heights of greatness.

In the end, my third defining moment was not just a journey of self-discovery—it was a testament to the power of resilience, courage, and unwavering faith in the boundless potential of the human spirit. And as I continue to walk this path of empowerment and enlightenment, I do so with a heart full of gratitude and a soul ablaze with passion, knowing that the greatest adventure of all is the journey to becoming the fullest expression of who we are truly meant to be.

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