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✨Building A Professional Network In Today's Professional World Is Important? Here's Why.

Strategies to Build Solid, Lasting Professional networking relationships.

Building professional relationships may become long-term or even lifetime and possibly turn into friendships. Professional relationship building can help you get new customers, retain current customers and manage your reputation effectively.

“Building, connecting, developing, and maintaining professional relationships takes time, work and strategy. There are different types of professional networks you want to maintain and foster as a business leader.” 💯

Most successful business executives agree that one of the most effective skills in raising capitol or scaling a company is the ability to leverage their professional network.

✔️Become an active listener

Active listening is deliberate. Active listening takes practice and focus. It's easy for professional sales people, business owners to ramble on because their excited about their product or services and focused on closing the deal.

The best way to connect and start building a relationship with a customer or potential buyer is to engage more into listening and speaking less. Entrepreneurs and sales people build lasting relationships with people who feel understood and validated.

✔️Develop Effective Communication Skills

Good written and verbal communication skills is essential and a vital life skill that should not be overlooked. Effective communication skills is a must in building a professional relationship. Body language, good eye contact, word choice, tone of voice and communication style all come into play, when building professional relationships.

Inadequate communication skills can have a negative impact, poor communication skills can result in frustration, misunderstanding and in some cases a disaster.

✔️Leverage Your Connections

Everyone knows the cliché, It's not what you know, it's about who you know. Connections with people matter and they can help your company earn more business. Make an attempt to maintain existing connections while at the same time expanding your professional network to build more relationships that can prove essential to the future of your company.

✔️Build Your Professional Network

The key to building a professional Network is to make professional networking a part of your daily regimen. Networks are built over time, so make it a habit to add professional acquaintances weekly, preferably daily. Below are several suggestions to start building your Network:

1) Family & Friends

2) Customers & Clients

3) Events & Conferences

4) Trade Shows

5) Mentors

6) Current & Former Coworkers

7) Industry Experts

8) Linked In

9) Social Media

✔️Reveal Your Authority & Expertise

Offer your expertise and see how you can be of service, this is a great way to invest in future leverage and opportunities and help others grow. Once you extend your services or expertise, make sure you follow through. You want to build a reputation throughout your network as someone that people can depend on and trust, this approach will help strengthen your connections within your network.

For professional networking to work, its has to be a two-way street, put yourself out there first and pay it forward. The more helpful you are, the more likely they are going to look for ways to pay you back.

✔️Increase Your Network Visibility

Increasing your network visibility is intentional and takes commitment. Networking is 24/7 and should be part of your daily regimen. Stay memorable and find creative ways to stay on their radar screen. It would be great if you could set a side 10 minutes each day to reach out to people using their preferred method of communication; call or text three people to say hi, Send at least two to three handwritten notes a day to say congratulations or thank you. Maintain a database of contacts and collect information that's more detailed than basic facts on each person you meet, such as jotting down notes about how you met, their interest, awards, are they married or do they have kids, etc. before your next contact refer to your notes. Finally, Networks are build over time, so make it a habit to stay connected and visible to a diverse set of people.



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