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This man knew he was dying before he even proposed to her. And he made sure to marry her before he transitioned. That’s a different level up of 💖LOVE.

It has been reported that He made sure she was protected legally and set for life when he was no longer here to do it. His family could have contested a will he left for her in family court, but they could never contest that marriage license he gave to her. His net worth is 12 million dollars.

Please don't miss the message. Fellas, you may not have a million dollar net worth, but if you 💖love that woman, you marry her and ensure you have a life Insurance policy, will or living trust in place. This is of major importance if you have kids..

Ladies, it is important to choose a man who cares about your well being while he’s here and while he is gone.

💲Financial Planning

Financial planning is critical, not just for wealth building, but to maintain family harmony, to administer your estate effectively and efficiently can save on costs and attorney’s fees. If you don’t have an established financial plan, it’s going to be a disaster.

I am really concerned about our African American Millennial's. Each year, millions (perhaps even billions) of dollars are lost due to terrible estate planning, as assets are inefficiently transferred from one generation to the next, if they are passed on at all. This is one outcome that African Americans can not afford. I read some where that at least one study was predicting that black households are on a path to zero wealth by the year 2053.

We as African Americans must change our mindset, mentally, spiritually and financially. Entrepreneurship and owning a business is the best and fastest means to generate wealth. True wealth only comes through BUSINESS!


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