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It is granted only to the heart that flourishes with trust, generosity, integrity, and love to realize true prosperity.

The 💓 heart that is not possessed with the trust, generosity, integrity, and love qualities cannot know true prosperity, for prosperity, like happiness, is not an outward possession, but an inward realization.

7 Steps To The Path of Prosperity

The 📖 bible is full of scriptures about wealth, financial increase and prosperity. God's word is life. Life to our spirit, life to our bodies, life to our relationships and life to our finances.

Your Path To Business Prosperity

1) Learn to follow if you want to learn to lead. Followers as well as leaders are the foundation for success in every business. In business there are far more followers than leaders, and for a great reason. Not everyone can be in charge at once, and leaders can not accomplish a lot without dedicated followers. #followers #leaders #success, #hashtag #askmadamfiance away.

2) Have the courage to persuasively present your vision. 👓 Your vision is your most important dream or mental picture. If you want to see success as a leader, you have to effectively share your vision and ideas. It is important your employees or coworkers know why they are working for your organization and what they are working towards.

3). Induct your employees into the culture of your organization. The better the induction process, the more effective and efficient the employee will become in their role. Without this step, your employees will never participate at 100% as a member of the team. Ensure that no employee dwindle into loneliness.. Provide skilled training, that will support each employee to contribute to the bottom line.

4). Adapt the power of 🙏prayer to your business goals. This will truly contribute to your success. Each day find a quiet opportunity to say out loud an affirmation for your ears to hear. It does not have to be lengthy, but it should be stated explicitly, and conviction into what you are trying to accomplish. Follow up with a short prayer, If you follow these diligently, you will be pleasantly surprised

5). Make sure you ⚖️balance short and long-term business goals. First and foremost, this could be a juggling act. you must identify the right now requirements of your business and its importance as well as your long-term business goal. This is a function of wise time management, and it must be done.

6). Make sure not only that you have a long-term plan but also that those you lead are aware of your long-term goals. This is very important when it comes to addressing immediate urgent matters, find ways to express what needs to done urgently in terms of how it effects your entire business along with how to track and accomplish longer-term plans.

7). Carry yourself like a 👔 leader. You have heard the saying in business, you want to "look and act the part. It's hard to be a leader if no one looks at you as a leader. In my professional opinion personal style matters. If you want to impress others, you have to pay attention to "how you're showing up" and your mannerism. The following are several items I feel are important:

- Walk with confidence

- Use assertive language

- Be organized

- Goal orientated

- Don't fidget during meetings

- Look people directly in their eye when speaking to them.

- Must be optimistic and have courage

One of the most exciting aspects of a life in business is that every day is a different day. Last but not least visualization is a major step into the path of business prosperity. Having a vision is highly correlated with business growth.


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