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Hans Waldorf
Success Story 

Millionaire Success Story - Hans Ws.jpg

Hans Waldorf, the founder of the Multi-Billion dollar watch company Rolex, had a very rough start.  At age 12, his parents left him, and Hans became an orphan.  His aunt and uncle reluctantly decided to take him in, and they immediately placed him in a Boarding School 25 miles away from their home. It was a dreadful situation and Hans was very unhappy. Hans then decided to drop out of school and find work.  He found a job working for a pearl merchant. He learned the business and noted that the company purchased pearls from various markets then sorted, graded and packaged them for sale to jewelers. This would also prove to be a great lesson to young Hans. Ultimately, Hans got a job with a growing watch company called Cuno-Korten in Switzerland. Hans became fascinated with watch movements and their accuracy. This was the beginning of his life-long passion. Hans then started to save all his money for the purpose of one day starting his own business. Hans later found a business partner, Alfred Davis, and together they opened their own watch company, Wilsdorf and Davis. Hans convinced a small watch movement manufacturer in Bienne, Switzerland, Aeglar, to produce watch movements for him small enough to wear on the wrist. A great visionary, Hans saw the trend to move away from Pocket Watches. Their new watches proved to be very successful. Hans then decided to change the company name to Rolex, because he said the name is easy to spell and remember. Today, As a result of Hans never giving up on his vision, Rolex current employs thousands of people and has revenue of 4.7 billion dollars per year.  Before Hans died he left his entire fortune and he turned the Rolex Company over to his foundation, the Hans Wilsdorf foundation. This foundation has donated millions of dollars, and continues to donate millions and millions of dollars to charities helping orphans and children in need all over the world. 

You are a Success Story!

In Jesus Name!

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