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Chet Pipkin
Success Story 

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If you own a personal computer in the U.S., there's up to an 80 percent chance you've got a Belkin product. If you own a smartphone or a tablet, it's up to a 90 percent change  you own a Belkin accessory. Well, who is the owner of Belkin? Who is the multi billionaire founder of Belkin, Chet Pipkin started with very humble beginnings. Neither of his parents graduated from high school. Chet didn't have much growing up. His father found work fixing things and his mother was the illegitimate daughter of a farmer in North Dakota.


Chet always had dreams of owning a business. He dreamed of owning a tech company and being a Silicon Valley young wealthy entrepreneur. But Chet didn't know anything about computers, software, hardware or technology. After several failed entrepreneurial efforts, Pipkin started Belkin in a garage in Southern California buying and selling products from China. Today, after having a strong ambition, and through much hard work, the company has billions of dollars in revenue, and has expanded to 21 countries. Chet Pipkins is also a philanthropist giving millions of dollars to help the less fortunate all over the world. 

I Am A Success Story

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