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Jeff Bezos
Success Story 

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On Thursday, July 27, 2017 Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos became the wealthiest person in the world. With a new worth of over $90 billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine, taking the first place spot from Microsoft founder Bill Gates. But Bezos hasn't always been the billionaire businessman he is today. He was born the son of a 16 year old mom and a deadbeat dad that rode a unicycle and worked in a retail store making a 1.25 cent and hour. His dad also had a drinking problem so they divorced after less than 2 years of marriage. His mother Jacklyn Gise, later married Miguel Bezos, an immigrant from Cuba who only knew one English word "hamburger".

Jeff did very well in school, and met and married the love of his life Mackenzie. When the idea of Amazon came, Bezo was just 30 and had been married for a year. "I told my wife Mackenzie that I wanted to quit my job and go do this crazy thing that probably wouldn't work since most startups don't, and I wasn't sure what would happen after that," he says. His wife told him to go for it. But not everyone was on board. Bezos boss took a walk through Central Park and told Bezos that, while it sounded like a "really good idea," it would be even better idea for somebody who didn't already have a good job. Bezos said, "Every well-intentioned, high-judgement person we asked told us not to do it." 

Jeff decided to take the risk and to step out on faith. Amazon was initially in the garage of a rented house. St the onset Amazon, sold only books. Bezos would drive the packages to the post office himself a 1987 Chevy Blazer. I thought maybe one day we would be able to afford a forklift. Today Amazon is the largest online retailer in the World with over $128 billion dollars in revenue per year. As a result of Jeff Bezos never giving up on his vision Amazon currently employs over 341,1000 people. 

I Am A Success Story!

In Jesus Name!

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