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Liz Murry
Success Story 

Millionaire Success Story - Henry Ford.jpg

Henry Ford, the American multi billionaire business owner and founder of the Ford Motor Co. started out with very small beginnings. He was born in Greenfield Township, MI and was very poor.  At the age of 20 he walked 4 miles to church back and forth every Sunday. Henry Ford was Christian and was a faithful member of the church. Henry Ford always dreamed of starting his own business, so he made money doing repairs and odd jobs for people in the neighborhood. But Ford had a global vision. He believed in stepping out in Faith, which led to his now famous quote, "Leap and grow wings on the way down." Ford decided to venture out and use his faith to start his own company that would create a fully functional automobile. He had investors, but after 3 long years of not producing a working vehicle, his investors pulled out and wanted their money back, and he was forced to close down the business. 

Henry Ford worried how would he pay his bills and take care of his family, but he never gave up. He took the leap and with on investors, he started his own company called The Form Motor Company. He came up with the concept for a car called the "Model T" which became a worldwide phenomenon. It makde Mr. Ford the richest man on the planet and one of the wealthiest people to ever live. Henery Ford's ney worth is estimated at over 188.1 billion dollars. Henry Ford was a major Philnthropist, building churches, hospitals, and donating hundreds of millions of dollars to charities helping the less fortunate all over the Word.

You are a Success Story!

In Jesus Name!

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