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   Sara Blakely  
Success Story

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Sara Blakely felt like a failure. She tried to become a stand-up comedian but fell short. She planned to go to law school but failed the Law School Admission Test twice. She tried to become a cast member at Disney World playing Goofy, but she wasn't tall enough. Finally she found work selling fax machines door to door. One day, suffering the heat and humidity of Florida, Blackely needed pantyhose to wear with white pants and sandals, so she cut the feet off a regular pair. They rode up her leg, annoyingly. "I needed an undergarment that didn't exist," she said. Knowing absolutely nothing about the hosiery business, Sara read o nline articles and started researching fabrics at night eventually designing a product she liked. She even taught herself patent law to save money. Sara then hopped into her car and drove door to door in North Carolina, trying to talk mill owners into manufacturing her product. Sara received rejection after rejection but she didn't give up. She pushed on until finally her SUDDENLY  CAME. One mill ownder who had sent her away called back. "I've decided to help make your crazy idea, "he said. Why? She asked. I have two daughters. Sara didn't quit her day job selling fax machines. For two years, Blakely sold office products nine to five on weekdays and sold pantyhose on nights and weekends. She didn't resign until she was fairly confident her entrepreneurial venture would take off. 

Now Sara's DILIGENCE has paid off. Spanx products are sold in 11,500 department stores, boutiques and online shops in 40 countries, with revenue exceeding over 250 million dollars per year. In 2012, at age 41, Blakely became the youngest self-made female Billionaire on the Forbes 400 list. Sara is also a philanthropist, giving millions of dollars to charities every year.  

You Are A Success Story


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