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What people are saying about LaKeisha LaGrande aka Madam F$nance

Below are my Testimonials

My "Testimonials" videos will be coming soon.

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Felicia, Entrepreneur

LaKeisha is a GEM. I truly appreciate her professional business advice as well as her being a insurance professional. Unfortunately, I had a son that passed away in a house fire. What a double whammy! We lost everything. It was all on the news. Thank God for accidental death insurance and Fire Insurance that I had with LaKeisha. It really could have been a financially catastrophic event if I did not have my affairs in order.  I am honored to give a testimony on your behave Madam Finance. You are the BEST in all that you do. Keep up the good work.  Love Felicia

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Dr. Moore, Community Leader

LaKeisha is truly a professional you can rely on and trust. Although I am a life insurance client of LaKeisha, who does a great job servicing me, I host quarterly meetings at the 2nd Detroit Percent for the community. LaKeisha has joyfully, and reliably came to perform multiple presentations for our community events. The people love her passion and delivery. I truly appreciate you Madam Finance. Thank you for your community support.  Love Dr. Moore


Darlene, Entrepreneur

Thank you so much LaKeisha for your years of service. You have always been efficient and professional. You are truly one of my favorite go to professionals when it comes to my health and wealth management and life insurance needs. The best compliment of appreciation is through referrals. I will continue to refer people to  you because I consider you the best and others deserve the best too.  Sincerely Darlene 


Bridgette, Supervisor

I have known LaKeisha for over 30 years. She has always been smart, reliable, and had a passion for entrepreneurship, educating and helping people. I am definitely a client of hers with several policies for my family.  LaKeisha is definitely a go to person for financial advice. My greatest take away from her when I was very young in age, that I never forgot, was that life insurance was a vital part of my financial portfolio. As I grew older and start building and managing my wealth. I clearly see her statement was definitely true. Keep up the great work LaKeisha helping and educating people on their finances.  I am team Madam Finance.  


Jibreel, Entrepreneur

I am 23 years of age and I am the CEO of a Distribution company  and BeReal Vision's photography company. Although I am in the building stages of my wealth management and still have a lot to learn.  I thank God each day, to have a wonderful, smart, loving mother named LaKeisha aka Madam Finance to guide me on my financial and entrepreneurial journey. My success thus far would not be possible without her mentorship. I am truly a head of the game with her techniques, guidance and business mentoring. Success truly starts at home. Through me, people will truly see Madam Finance business coaching skills at work. Thank you mother for mentoring my friends and allowing me to give my testimonial on your behave. You truly deserve all your accolades on business mentorship. 

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