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Jan Koum
Success Story 

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Jan Koum, the young billionaire founder of WhatsApp, grew up very poor in Mission Viejo California. Koum and his mother lived on welfare and food stamps throughout his childhood. Jan Koum frequently got into trouble in school and barely graduated from high school. Koum decided to go to college at San Jose State, but dropped out to find work, to save enough money to start his own business. Koum got a job sweeping floors at a grocery store. His mother was diagnosed with cancer, so they got by on welfare, food stamps, and disability payments. 


Koum decided he wanted to go into the computer business but knew nothing about computers. He didn't know where to start so he picked up some computer networking manuals from a used book store and taught himself how to make apps. 


In 2009 he founded WhatsApp, a service that literally allows you to text around the world for absolutely free. In a short period of time it had over 450 million subscribers and continued to grow adding1million new new subscribers per day.

Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg, in 2014 purchased WhatsApp from Jan Koum for 19 billion dollars. Koum told Mark Zukerberg that he wanted to sign the 19 billion dollar contract at a special place. That special place where Jan Koum signed the 19 billion dollar contract, was the welfare office where he and his mother would pick up their food stamps. 




In Jesus Name!

Art Cartwright

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