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Samuel Lord
Success Story 

The Billionaire founder of Lord & Taylor Department Stores, Samuel Lord didn't start out like most would think. He was born in Saddleworth, Cheshire, the  youngest of five children, his parents were very poor, Samuel Lord's parents decided to leave young Samuel to be orphaned and raised by strangers. As Samuel grew older, he received a job working for an iron molding company owned by James Taylor. Samuel watched the way James Taylor ran his business. He made his job his classroom. Samuel spent so much time around Mr. Taylor, working and learning the business, he was introduced to Mr. Taylor's daughter, and the ultimately married and moved to New York. Samuel still desired to have his owned business, but he didn't have any money. Samuel saved and borrowed as much money as he could and opened his first business, a dry goods store selling a limited number of clothing accessories. 8 years later Samuel's wife cousin, George Washington Taylor partnered with Samuel Lord forming Lord & Taylor. The business continued to grow and expand, adding more and more stores, ultimately creating one of the most successful department store corporations in America. Today Lord & Taylor has revenue of over 1.4 billion dollars per year, and it's parent company Hudson Bay Corporation, provides employment for excellence over 40 thousand people. 

You are a Success Story!

In Jesus Name!

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